A new chapter and a new blurb

I was looking at the blurb I put up on Wattpad earlier and decided that I wasn’t happy with it, so I spent a short while playing with it until I came up with something I think will interest people more.

Here’s what I’ve come up with, I’d like any thoughts and opinions you might have.

Where There’s A Will

In the middle of the day, Alice Keating, daughter of multi-millionaire games developer Owen Keating, is kidnapped from her chauffeur driven car. The kidnappers want 3.5 million Euros or they’ll kill her.
Detective Inspector Stone is already on a case, an armed robbery, when the kidnapping happens, but he’s taken off that and assigned to find Alice Keating, even though he’s never investigated a kidnapping before.
Can he find her and return her safe to her family before the money has to be handed over?

While on Wattpad I also took the time to put up the latest chapter, I now have 7 chapters up for people to read. I hope they’re being enjoyed.

“Hello, Nathan.”

Stone recognised the voice before he even turned to face the speaker.

“Louisa.” His voice was neutral as he greeted the reporter.

It didn’t surprise him to find Louisa Orchard waiting by his car as he left the station for the evening, she had been trying, without success, to get hold of him all day; he had ignored her calls to his mobile and had Sergeant Oakley, the duty sergeant in communications, screen his calls so she couldn’t get through to him. It wasn’t a tactic he followed often, but occasionally, like today, it was necessary since he knew why Louisa had been trying to get hold of him.

Read the rest of the chapter here – https://www.wattpad.com/311869233-where-there%27s-a-will-chapter-seven

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