Write First, Make It Good Later

This is advice I’ve heard before and I definitely agree with it.

aislinn kearns


Lately, I have heard a number of people saying that they are trying to get started on their book. They have done all the research, attended workshops, read writing books and how-tos, and basically just focused on their craft.

But, now, they are stuck. They can’t actually write.

Obviously, the goal here is to get those words down on the page. So what’s going wrong?

The problem is that they are trying to write well.

What do I mean? Well, if you are anything like me, your brain is usually working a few sentences or scenes ahead from what you are actually writing. So, while I am writing sentence one, my brain is already on sentence four. This works out well, because it means that as long as I stay focused, I write quickly. (Whether I do always stay focused is an issue for another time…)

But, if…

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