A new direction

I have been having a discussion on Goodreads the last few days regarding writing erotica, and the fact that it can be a good way to get a steady, if not necessarily great, stream of money. I’ve never written in the genre before, and I’m not sure it’s really one I would be any good at, but one of the ladies I was talking to, who does write in the genre, pointed out that I won’t know until I try.

With that in mind, I took out my phone while on the bus to town this morning and let my imagination run, below is what I came up with; it’s not much, and I’m not sure where to go from here, but I’d appreciate any feedback.


dreamingThe fingers, strong but gentle, traced their way up her legs. The tips caressed her skin, teasing and arousing as they moved closer to her most intimate of places.

She opened her legs, signalling, as much as her wetness did, that she was ready and willing to accept him – ready for his fingers, and ready for his manhood, which she could see standing proud between his his legs. He ignored the invitation, though, and continued his teasing. His fingers grazed her lips, the ones that stood at the entrance to her, and then moved on across her hip and up to her stomach.

Her head fell back onto the pillow, and a sigh, almost a moan, escaped her as he leaned over her and his lips joined his fingers in teasing, caressing and arousing her. Her nipples were hard before he reached them, but they stiffened further when she felt his breath on them.

“Oh god!” she gasped, her first words since his fingers found her skin, when his lips encircled a nipple.

She arched her back, wanting him to take more of her breast into his mouth as he teased the pebble that was its peak with his tongue. When he nibbled at it gently, she let out another prayerful gasp; she had never experienced anything so good before.

A hand slid down her body, seeking her sex, but he captured it before she could even begin to give herself the relief she craved. He secured both her hands, preventing her doing anything, as he transferred his attention to her other nipple. Soon they were both as hard as she had ever felt them; only then did he move on.

She expected him to continue his journey North to her lips, which ached to feel his passion. Instead he kissed his way back down across her stomach to the triangle of dark hair that hid her treasure. She thought she would cum the moment his lips touched those of her most intimate place; somehow she held back, wanting the pleasure to last, and he expertly kept her on the edge until she begged him for release.

“Please! I need to cum. Please!”

“Not yet,” he told her.

“Please!” She writhed and twisted, desperate to reach the orgasm she hovered on the edge of.

With a smile that hovered on the edge of evil, he flicked his tongue across her clit once more and then buried it within her so he could drink her juices. He stopped before she could achieve satisfaction and began to kiss his way back up her body.

She tasted herself on him when his lips found hers, something she had never done before, and it heightened her arousal. When the tip of his manhood found the entrance to her she thought she would come undone, she managed to hold back, but only until he slid into her – that was too much for her and felt herself explode around him.

Her orgasm was so strong it was several moments before she became aware that he was all the way inside her. No sooner did she, than he began to withdraw. Again and again he slid into her and then slowly pulled out until only the head remained within her; the sensation was incredible as he filled her entirely, and each time he withdrew she pushed her hips upward, seeking to keep him within her.

“Don’t tease me, please!” It was almost too much for her, and she bucked her hips again and again in an effort to encourage him.

Gradually the rhythm of his thrusts increased until he was pounding into her with a vigour she would not have thought to enjoy. It soon brought her to the edge of a second orgasm, and she sensed he was approaching her own – she wanted them to climax together.

*cough* *cough*

Emily woke with a start, dragged unwillingly from the most erotic dream she could recall. Her nipples strained against the shirt she wore to bed, and the dampness between her thighs told her how good the dream had been; her arousal diminished, though, as she listened to her husband cough next to her.

Tentatively, I’m thinking of making this a story about a woman bored with her husband who has an affair with a co-worker – it’s a bit generic, I know, but it’s a starting point if I decide to go forward with this. If I do go ahead with writing an erotic novel or novella, I want it to have a reasonable storyline, which the erotic scenes enhance, rather than the plot being an excuse for them.

Anyway, thoughts and comments would be greatly appreciated as I consider this idea.

8 thoughts on “A new direction

  1. You’re kiddng right? You can’t stop now. Give us more! It was brilliant really, I just have one little comment. As a devour of the genre and with plenty of friends who read this smut as well, women would rather you well, call a c*ck a c*ck. Manhood is so unsexy.

    Many agree: http://www.heroesandheartbreakers.com/blogs/2012/07/author-sarah-anderson-on-a-penis-by-any-other-name

    Other than that, your plot sounds a bit daring and I’m not sure I’ve read an erotica in which the heroine cheats but hey, it could work. Maybe there’s a void in the genre ready to be filled. (To the hilt.) Ha.


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    • I’m so glad you like it, and thanks for the advice, I was hesitant about being quite so explicit but I’m happy (if that’s the right word) to make the alterations/corrections. I shall have to spend some time properly planning out a storyline for this so I know exactly where it’s going.
      I’m thinking that maybe she finds the courage to free herself from her passionless marriage without getting tied down to anyone else, but I need to organise it in my mind.


      • Yes. If the husband is a bit of an idiot or mean, readers won’t care that he’s being cheated on. But you know, now that I’m thinking about it.. if the book is really hot and well-written, chances are that it won’t matter that the heroine is unlikeable. But anyways, you’ll probably work it all out for yourself somehow.
        Go in the new direction, I’d love to be able to read more good erotica written by men.

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      • It seems the consensus is that I need to be a little less polite with my language in this genre; well, no-one ever said I was a bad student, so I’ll be sure to take it on board and adjust accordingly when I’m ready to progress with this.
        Thanks for reading and liking.


  2. Currently I am leaning towards the husband being a very vanilla lover who doesn’t know how to satisfy his wife, and more interested in working/hobbies, just doesn’t care enough about her. She will encounter someone who gives her erotic dreams and that leads her into having an affair.
    Hubby finds out about affair and ditches her – this is as far as I’ve got in a short time, need to figure out where it goes after that.

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