Not happy with Booksbutterfly

I’m not normally one to write a post about a negative experience with a website, it’s not in my nature, but on this occasion I feel I need to.

I was dubious the moment I saw the site, it has a lot of packages available, most of which offer a guarantee of a certain number of sales, a number that is likely to result in a profit, a small one, for anyone using the package. My scam alert started going off as a read the details of the packages, none of which gave any information on how the sales are guaranteed.

After thinking about it for a short while I decided to do some research, which wasn’t very helpful – I found an equal number of negative posts about the site as positive with the result that I was undecided about giving the site a try. Ultimately I decided, by virtue of having a bit of money that I could afford to lose (not that I liked the idea) to take the risk, figuring that if I didn’t get the indicated guaranteed number of sales I would know not to use the site again, and I wouldn’t have risked money that I might need for something more important, like food.

It didn’t take long to discover that I should have gone with my instincts and ignored the site. Communication was limited, and I had to send an email to chase up and find out when my book, Where There’s A Will, was going to be promoted for their new release package – I was told that it would be promoted over three days and that sales could take a couple of days longer to show up, unfortunately I saw no sales that I could definitely attribute to booksbutterfly (I had 2 sales over the course of a week but had another long term promotion running that might have been responsible) and when I searched for my book on the sites where it was apparently posted it was either absent or incredibly hard to find.

I have emailed the company, asking for either a refund or an explanation of why I didn’t get the sales they guaranteed. When I get a response, assuming I get one, I’ll let you all know what they say; in the mean time, I would advise against promoting with this site.

10 thoughts on “Not happy with Booksbutterfly

    • You’re welcome for the heads up, I plan on letting people know about any services I find that are either really good or really bad, so far with this has been the only service that falls into either category, but I’m just starting out so lots for me to learn and experiment.

      I’m off to have a look at xpresso thanks for the heads up.


  1. I am going through the same thing right now, and plan to call paypal today and let them know. I will also write a letter to the company regarding their lack of customer service. I tried not to jump to conclusions, but right now, the company looks like a scam and I will do everything in my power to warn other authors. Thank you for sharing your experiences.

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    • You’re welcome. After trying them out I thought it best to let people know what happened so they’re aware of how the site operates. The operators responded to my email with a fob off, claiming that another author, with a more expensive book had been in touch to say their promotion had gone well, so they couldn’t explain why I had got nothing, and then tried to suggest I had made my book available cheaper recently so it was my fault.
      Good luck with paypal and the company, I hope you get a positive outcome.

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