First off, I would like to thank those who have helped me to build up this blog over the past six months, it has been very much appreciated, especially since the blog has been much more successful than I anticipated.

I have been working on a little project over the last couple of days, though, the creation of an author website with an integrated blog. This is something I’ve been reluctant to do, and very nervous about, because I didn’t feel up to creating one myself and my finances don’t stretch to things like website design at the moment. Fortunately, when you’re meant to have something, the universe will provide, if not necessarily in the way you might imagine.

I have been involved, on the edges, of a new project by a group I am part of on Goodreads, namely the creation of a site I’m more of a suggestions person, but Alexis, who started the site and does some amazing work on it, recently posted the 1st part of a guide to creating a website. After reading through it, and looking at the screenshots, I realised I could do this, and so I have.

If you visit alexrcarver you’ll see the site I have been setting up, which includes a tab for my blog, where you can find the majority of the posts that have already been seen here. Any future posts will go to the new site, so if you wish to continue to follow me, please bookmark alexrcarver and keep an eye on what I’m doing in the future.

Once again, thanks for helping to make this blog better than expected, I hope you will help me to make my new one even better.

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