It’s coming – April 1st is the day

Okay everyone, this s**t is getting real; I have an awesome cover, some fabulous bookmarks (who doesn’t like a good bookmark) and I’m halfway through the editing. It’s time to announce the release date for my next novel, and that date is

April 1st

Written In Blood is not a part of my Inspector Stone series, book 2 of which will be coming later in the year, but it is set in a village a little outside of Branton, where Inspector Stone works, and the sequel, A Bloody Rewrite (a little play on words for my writer friends) will feature characters from the series, and maybe even Inspector Stone himself, you’ll have to wait and see.

Here for your enjoyment is the cover and blurb for my upcoming release –


A peaceful village torn apart by murder.

In the small, close-knit village of Oakhurst, residents aren’t willing to believe that one of their own might be a brutal killer.

So when young women begin to die – their bodies found with accusatory words carved onto their skin – suspicion falls on the newcomer to the village. Charming Zack Wild, author of violent crime novels and possessor of a dark history, seems like a perfect suspect.

As they investigate, Sergeant Mitchell and Constable Turner are increasingly unwilling to believe that someone they know could be responsible for such heinous crimes. But will this affect their judgement, allowing the real killer to escape?

You will be able to pre-order Written In Blood from March, and the book will then be available from April 1st.

I’m so excited.

Today is a good day, I’m been waiting to get my new cover for Where There’s A Will for a while now, and today it finally arrived, ebook cover, PB cover, and banners for various sites.

I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am because now I have a fully professional cover; I wanted to have one from the start but didn’t realise how busy the site I’d chosen, was. The three month wait was well worth it, however, as I’m sure you’ll all agree, looking at the images below.

I am confident that it’s only a matter of time before the new cover earns back its cost and puts me in profit, and when the sequel is ready later in the year, and I have a matched cover, it will look even better.

Where There's A Will PB.jpg


As an indie author I’m aware that one of the biggest complaints levied against us is our lack of professionalism, whether it be when it comes to our covers or our editing, which is why I’m so pleased to finally have the perfect cover my book deserves.

Playing with Gimp

As you know I have been putting the first draft of my debut novel up on Wattpad; so far there has been no cover for this book, only the bog standard image that Wattpad provides, which isn’t going to appeal to too many people, and today it irritated me to the point of needing to do something about it.

I loaded up Gimp and made a quick search for some images that might be suitable, this is what I came up with –


This is only a temporary cover, so I can promote the Wattpad version of the book, when the final version is ready for release to Kindle it will have a more professionally designed cover that looks better, but I’d like to hear what you guys think of this – is it suitable for the interim?