Should you bother with making a paperback?

This is my second go around as a published author, I was published for a time in the early days of the indie scene, and during both my previous time as an author and my current career I have come across the question posed in this post’s header.

It seems that many indies cannot see any value in having a paperback/physical version of their work out there; either they believe ebook is the way forward and paperback is dying out, or they feel it’s too difficult/time-consuming/costly to make a paperback a part of the catalogue they offer to their readers.

I can’t claim to be an expert in the publishing business, whether indie or traditional, I’m just someone with a bit of experience, and I hope to help by passing on that experience to assist others.

In my opinion, indie authors should release every title in both ebook and paperback versions – they should also release them as audiobooks, and in every other format possible, so long as the cost to produce is minimal; the more ways in which a title is visisble, the more likely it is to be seen, and therefore to sell.


I have heard indies give both cost and difficulty, as well as lack of sales, as reasons for not putting together a paperback version of their titles. It seems to me that along with most other problems a person encounters, these problems can be overcome with some research and a bit of knowledge. To that end, I’m going to address the three biggest reasons for not having a paperback in the hopes of convincing you to create one:


This seems like the obvious place to start, and if I’m honest, there isn’t really a counter I can give to this, the chances are, unless you’re lucky, you won’t sell many copies, at least initially.

Don’t be put off by the prospect of limited sales, sales are not necessarily why you should create a paperback; it’s possible that you will get sales, and you should celebrate each one, but it is more likely that people will see your paperback and then, if they’re interested, buy the ebook as that will most likely cost them less.

A paperback provides increased visibility, it is also handy to have because some reviewers, and you will want to get in touch with them at some point, will only accept paperbacks for review, and giveaways work best when the prize is a physical copy of a book (giveaways are a very effective way of getting people interested in your book without spending too much money).

The last reason for having a paperback is the joy of holding something you have created; it’s nice to have your novel as an ebook, but nothing compares to being able to hold and an actual, physical book.


Those who are not technically minded find adapting their ebook to a paperback format a little daunting, and I can understand that, at first glance it does seem difficult. No-one should let a little difficulty stand in the way of possibly earning some money, though, especially if that money is to be earned through something you love, like writing.

I use Createspace to produce my paperbacks (other services are available) and once  I have selected the size for my paperback, they provide a template to follow with all margins and interior layout prepared for me, all I have to do is copy my novel into the template and make some adjustments to ensure the chapter headings appear as I want them to.

I’m lucky enough to be reasonably computer literate, so this isn’t too difficult for me; I can appreciate how it might be for others, though. Fortunately, there is a way around this, which brings me to the third reason.

In addition to the interior file, you will need a cover for the paperback, one that will include front, back and spine. Obviously there are people you can contract to create a cover for you, at reasonable prices, if you don’t wish to do that, however, Createspace provides a feature whereby you can build a cover online.


I appreciate that not everyone has money they can afford to throw at publishing, even when you can find formatting services for a reasonable price. Cost needn’t be a barrier to turning your ebook into a paperback, however.

If you look around, especially in writer’s groups such as those on Goodreads, you’ll find other people who have services they can’t afford to pay for, people who are willing to trade the services they can do for those they can’t. This means someone may be willing to setup the interior file or design a cover for your paperback in exchange for some help with marketing, or something else that you may have a particular ability with.

Whether you pay for a service or trade for it, I recommend you check out the person providing the service to be sure they will do a proper job.

I hope this has helped convince you to put out a paperback and expand the visibility of your titles.

Funny, flippin’ good and free

You all like things are funny, good and free, don’t you? Of course you do, who doesn’t, nobody I want to know, that’s who.

Well if funny, flippin’ good and free and three things you look for in a book, then look no further because I have what you’re after, Mirth Defects by Clint Forgy.

I read and reviewed this book a while ago (the review is currently my most popular post, by a long margin and can be read here) and consider it the best indie book I’ve read all year; it’s filled with the funniest anecdotes you’ll find.

It’s not on sale yet, but if you’re interested in getting your hands on a copy, just nip on over to where the author is very kindly offering up free copies to visitors.

mirthdefects7 corrected.jpgA newborn boy begins the search for his soul mate.

From the day he was born, JD Ferguson knew what was missing: his soul mate. Mirth Defects, the prequel to The Seduction of Granny, is a fiction novel about the early years of JD Ferguson, his brother Bob, their buddies Gasser Jameson and Tiny Steele, and the adventures they experience growing up in the fictional town of Roadapple Ridge, Iowa.

I heartily recommend you pop on over to and take advantage of Clint’s generosity, especially if you like reading about tales of childhood and growing up, trains, and boys with more interest in having fun than behaving.

Pre-order my debut

As I revealed the other day, my debut novel is coming soon, well thanks to some hard work that soon is closer than expected. I have set the release date as November 3rd and you can pre-order the book between now and then

Where There’s A Will


Crash smashed a fist into the chauffeur’s kidney a second time, he then pulled him away from Jim and threw him into the side of the van. A kick to the back of the knee made Brian fall forward, and Crash smashed his head into the side door of the van. Twice more he did that until the chauffeur’s body went limp and blood ran down his face.

“Get on with it,” he snapped at his partners, who were still trying to drag Alice from the car. From the back pocket of Jim’s combat trousers, he took the envelope that was sticking out, which he shoved into the inside pocket of Brian Jacob’s jacket. That done, he returned to his previous position behind the wheel, where he revved the engine impatiently.

With two men pulling at her, Alice found it impossible to save herself, and, with a final heave, she was yanked from the Bentley to land with a painful thud on the concrete.

If that sounds good, you can pre-order the book at the following links

Amazon US

Amazon UK

Free for today

Romance is one of the two biggest genres in literature, which makes it very popular, also very popular are free things – I don’t know anyone who can resist the chance to get a bargain, and free is just about the best bargain you can get.

Since that’s the case, it seems to me that a free romance novel should be just about as popular as it’s possible for something to be, and with that in mind, here today is a free romance from one of my fellow indie authors, D L LeBlanc.

Broken: Frost Series Part 1

fullsizerender-9After a man had left her broken, she successfully shut herself off from all men. She loved her organised, boring life; until she meets him. Could he break through her barriers and make her want to live & love again?

He wasn’t looking for anything serious. He was there on business, and his motto was get in, get out, and move on; until he meets her. Could she break through and become more valuable to him than his business empire?

At the time of writing this post, this book is free, and can be found by following the links below, enjoy

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Kindle UK



My First BookBub Rejection — alfageeek

I was thinking of trying for a bookbub promotion, when circumstances are right, but I also plan on going into the KDP select program when my first full novel is ready, so this was an interesting read and something to think about.

I’ve always thought bookbub to be a bit over-priced but they do have a reputation as the best promotional tool for an indie author, if you can get your book selected by them.

I decided to take a shot at doing a promo with BookBub. Over the past few years, they have become the most effective marketing platform for e-books. Their reputation is that they reject almost all submissions, and they never tell you why they rejected you. But if you manage to get accepted, then you will […]

via My First BookBub Rejection — alfageeek

One Dark Night

Good morning all, today I will be promoting a book by an indie author like myself, something I set up this blog to help do, at least in part.

One Dark Night (Historical Romance)

Anna Faversham

starstarstarstarstar2 from 13 reviews on Amazon UK


It is 1821 and smuggling is rife on the English coast. Lucy doesn’t know who to trust, while those around her suspect she is a spy and treat her accordingly. Her problems increase when two men enter her life:

Lieutenant Karl Thorsen, sworn to avenge his father’s murder, is determined to hang the violent smugglers.

Daniel Tynton has smuggling in his blood. Undaunted by Thorsen’s threats, he is respected and feared. When he witnesses a murder, he makes a bold decision, and many lives will never be the same.

Lucy is bewildered by the mixed messages she is receiving from the men in her life. She has to make up her mind which of her suitors to give her heart to, while uncertain whether such commitment will lead to love, convenience or misery. At every turn of events, she is confused about where her own heart lies.

Soon, the smugglers and revenue men have their day of reckoning and Lucy is caught in the midst of it and endangers her life.

Book One of The Dark Moon Trilogy is a romantic thriller.

Read an excerpt from the novel:

“To reach the porridge on the stove, Lucy had to pass Daniel and the dog, and neither moved. Rather than squeeze between him on her left and the kitchen table, she walked around the other side, collecting a bowl as she went. Still Daniel did not make way for her. “I would be obliged, Mr Tynton, if you would move just enough for me to reach the pot.”
“Say that again and I’ll move.”
Lucy raised her eyes to meet his sparkling blue ones. He was jesting. “Why?”
“I like to hear you talk.”
“Why?” Lucy wondered if it was wise to hold her ground now that Daniel was no longer a boy.
“It’s good to see you’ve still a lot of fight in you, Lucy. I’ve been hearing a few tales.” He nodded his head in the direction of the scullery. “But I can hold out longer and I’ll not move until you say that again for me.”
“Why?” The word had come out quicker than she’d intended. Should she play these games with someone who held her livelihood in his hands?
Daniel took hold of her frozen hand. Lucy withdrew it and immediately regretted her instinctive reaction. His eyes had not left her since she’d walked through the door and her nerve was failing. “You don’t talk like the rest of us round here. I’ve missed your voice and, like me Ma says, you sound like you’re from the gentry.”
He meant it. Lucy could see that gentle look appearing in his eyes, the one she took to bed with her and to her sanctuary on the cliffs, the look which warmed her and fought to stay in her fading stock of cherished memories. Playfully, Lucy dropped him a curtsey and said, “Kind sir, I would be obliged if you would move just enough for me to reach the pot.”

One Dark Night is currently on a Kindle Countdown Deal and is reduced to the bargain price of 99c, you can but it here

Amazon US

Amazon UK

A little about Anna Faversham

England is my home but I’ve also lived in New Zealand, a beautiful country and the people are great, and central Africa which was an interesting and useful experience that I’ll never forget.
On returning to England, I’ve written and read for the BBC and published short stories as well as three novels. Two are set in my county of Kent and the latest is set in the beautiful Isle of Wight.

My first release

I debated with myself over how I was going to handle releasing my titles, when they were ready, and finally came to the conclusion that I would go with Amazon and the kdp select program.

I realise that in the future it may be a good idea for me to spread my wings a little further and to have my titles available on multiple ebook platforms, but right now I feel kdp select, despite the exclusivity it requires, offers me the best chance of getting noticed at this, the beginning of my writing career.

To that end I have released a short story, Exposed, ahead of my first full novel, which should be out in January. I would like to simply give away this short, so that people can get a sense of my writing and hopefully encourage them to buy my novel when it’s released, but that isn’t possible on kdp – I have to price it at 99c, which is the lowest I can, and make it available for free for 5 days during the next 90.


Alex R Carver

exposedSome secrets should remain hidden.

All Julian wanted was as normal a life as was possible, when Adam and Harry come into the petrol station looking for trouble, though, their actions threaten to expose his secret, a secret that would make him a wanted man – wanted by lots of people for lots of reasons. Now he has to leave behind the life he’s been building and start over again, but before he does that he wants to make Adam and Harry pay.

This is a short story of approx 8,000 words

If you like the sound of it then make sure to follow this link Amazon get it for free today and tomorrow