A lovely surprise

I got a very nice surprise today, a friend from Goodreads, Alexis Wills, sent me an email with a present attached; she had been creating some graphics for a book she has been writing and decided during a break to do a few for me, the intention was to encourage me to join the Book of Faces, a place that fills me with dread.

I haven’t yet taken the dive, Facebook requires a level of social skills that I simply don’t possess, just the thought of it kicks of my anxiety and sends me shuffling towards a panic attack, but I am very grateful for the graphics.

What do you guys think?



I think they’re brilliant, and much better than anything I could produce, but if you want to see something really good, I suggest you take a look at her site and see the cover she created for her upcoming release, if I could produce covers like that I could save myself a fortune.