An apology

I find myself forced to make an apology to my readers today, not only an apology but also an admission. Despite having been on wordpress for 5 months now, I am still a relative newbie who knows very little about how wordpress works, a result of this is I am still discovering how the comments system works.

Earlier today I found a page I was not previously aware existed, one which shows me all comments posted to this blog, including those that have been deleted and those that have been marked as spam. To my horror there was over 30 messages marked as spam. As you can imagine, I had to quickly go and clear the spam folder out, though not before I had read the messages to be sure they were spam – some were, obviously, but others were not and I’ve had to approve them so they would actually show up on the site.

My sincerest apologies to anyone whose comments were marked as spam by mistake, they should now be visible on the site, and I have liked/commented as appropriate.