Two birds, one stone


Today seems to be a day for doing lots and accomplishing little; at least that’s how it feels, I’ve probably accomplished more than I think. Since that’s the case I thought I would make a brief list of what I have done today to make myself feel better, plus there’s a few things I was planning on posting here anyway so I can kill two birds with one stone, as the saying goes.

1:- I got myself to the opticians for an eye test, which was overdue; the result, I had to order some new glasses, at an unpleasant cost.

2:- I got a little more work done on clearing out and tidying up the house.

3:- I created a new header for the blog, see above (it’s not the best, I shall have to work on it some more and try to come up with something better)

4:- I’ve put in an order for a cover for the novel I’m writing, should receive it in January in time for release.

5:- 5,000 words typed up from the first draft of Where There’s A Will

6:- Started re-drafting the short story I found the other day.

7:- Got to work on organising an anthology of classic gothic and horror stories I’ve been thinking about doing for a while.

8:- Posted three new chapters from my story to Wattpad 8-10 –

9:- Got around to sorting out some more of my great-uncle’s art – see below

10:- And lastly, I transferred a couple of pictures I took the other day of a guy in the town centre doing some sand art.

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